Water Refresh & Testing

Whether you are the proud owner of a second home, a holiday let, or simply find yourself too busy to oversee your hot tub’s maintenance, our dedicated team is here to cater to your every need.

At Elite Spas and Leisure, we offer specialised water change and testing services tailored to your unique requirements. Routine hot tub water changes are essential for maintaining the highest quality experience. We recommend that your tub’s water is changed every 90 days to ensure your hot tub remains in pristine condition.

Trust us to handle your spa's maintenance needs and choose from one of the options below.

Elite One-off Service Costs

We understand that Aftercare Plans are not for everyone and that some customers simply prefer to pay as you go – here’s a list of our services and their prices for Hot Tubs.

Please note: When undertaking the services below, our technicians need access to a hose pipe and tap and a plug socket for their tools. In situations where it is found that the site has very poor water pressure, please be aware that our technicians cannot remain on site waiting for the tub to eventually fill. We have allowed a maximum of 1 hour on site for a Freshen up and a Winterise Service. For an Annual Service, Refresh, Deep Clean and Recommission Service we have allowed a maximum of 2.5 hours only. If the job is completed within this time frame, the Technician will leave site. The times stated are the maximum time on site, however, depending on the job and water pressure etc they may not always be on site that long. Our technicians are not responsible for undertaking the removal of any decking, furniture, plants, and the moving of the tub (including from walls etc) to gain access to the interior of the tub and including rear or side panels. It is the customers responsibility to ensure the Technician has sufficient unhindered access to the hot tub. Some site locations may result in an additional charge for extra travel time.



£ 229


Spa drain down, refill with fresh water, filter clean and chemical rebalance of the newly filled spa water.


£ 269

The Deep Clean service is the same as the Refresh Service, but also includes the spa being treated with Biofilm remover and thorough clean of the spa interior.


£ 99

A general freshen-up (clean) of the spa cover, cabinet, headrests, and filter. Includes a chemical rebalance of the spa water.