Servicing and Maintenance

Annual Servicing

Our professional service technicians can undertake a wide range of services and maintenance routines. Many customers like the reassurance of having an Annual Service carried out for their Hot Tub or Swim Spa, to ensure their tub is in the best condition at all times and minimise the occurrence of unwanted breakdowns.

  • Hot Tub - Just £249 (or £18.67 per month by direct debit, saving £24.96)
  • Swim Spa - Just £349 (or £26.17 per month by direct debit, saving £34.96)

The service includes all of these checks:

  • Inspection of the spa controls ensuring all functions and settings are operating correctly.
  • Ensure all pumps respond when operated and the heater is working.
  • If an air blower is fitted, check operation and ensure all air fittings are working correctly.
  • Visually check all internal wiring for the spa.
  • Check all diverter valves are operational and in good condition.
  • Check all internal plumbing, unions and gate valves including gaskets and ‘O’ Rings.
  • Ensure all jets are operational and the condition of the jet/jet body.
  • Check all internal and external LED lights are operational.
  • Filters to be removed for inspection of their condition. Filters cleaned before refitting or if deemed necessary on inspection, new filters fitted (price of new filters not included in cost of service – will be charged for separately).
  • Flush of the hot tub using flush solution with drain down.
  • Spa shell vacuumed and jets to ensure as much water as possible is removed from the pipe work.
  • Spa headrests cleaned.
  • Cover lifter (if one fitted) integrity checked and cleaned.
  • Clean spa shell thoroughly prior to refilling with fresh water.
  • Clean spa cabinet and insulated lid with UV protection spray.
  • Sanitise and correctly balance spa water once spa is refilled with fresh water.
  • Power spa back on, ensure control panel settings are all reset correctly, including the customer’s required operating temperature.
  • Leave spa set, operational and close insulated lid for spa to heat to the set temperature.
  • Report to be given to customer on completion of service including any observations / recommendations.

Getting your tub ready for winter...and then ready again for spring.

In addition to the service options above, we also offer a comprehensive package which will help you prepare to get your Hot Tub ready for winter in Devon or Cornwall. These packages ensure the longevity of your tub and help protect it from the elements.

WINTERISE includes:

  • Turn power off to the spa.
  • System Flush
  • Full Drain down
  • Remove filters, clean and store for the winter.
  • Vacuum spa shell, jets & pipes
  • Disconnect Pump & Heater unions etc.
  • Clean spa shell
  • Wrap and seal spa shell and lid to prevent snails & insects etc getting in

Hot Tub £199 & Swim Spas £299


  • Reconnect power to spa.
  • Remove winter wrap seal.
  • Reconnect all unions and close drain valve.
  • Refill with fresh water
  • Install clean filters.
  • Turn spa on and set the topside, ensuring spa is heating the water.
  • Clean spa lid & cabinet
  • Sanitise and balance the spa water chemistry.

Hot Tub £299 & Swim Spas £399