Frequently asked questions

buy Lyrica in australia Where are your spas made? All our spas are made in America. We well two brands of spas. Aspen Spas from Missouri and Sunbelt Spas from Texas and both spa brands are fitted with industry leading Gecko controls and electronics, which is a Canadian company.

buy gabapentin tablets How is the spa delivered and installed?

Once you have decided on the spa model and placed your hot tub, our experienced staff will guide you through the entire delivery and installation process and what is required. We will ask you various questions to help us gather all the relevant information required, to ensure the delivery is as straight forward as possible, on the day of delivery. The spa requires a solid, flat level base to sit on, prepared in advance and the required electrical supply also needs to be installed ready for connection to the spa. Consideration should also be given to where the spa water will drain to, when it is time to change the water and access to a tap for refilling.

No, the spa does not require any plumbing. You simply fill the spa to the fill level with a garden hose and top up as required.

When you have decided on the spa model you would like, we can advise you on the weights (empty and filled), dimensions and the amount of water the tub will hold.

The spa is not supplied with a power cable and this is something that your electrician will need to provide and connect to the isolator switch, in advance of the spa being delivered and installed. When you place your order, our experienced staff will advise you of the electrical requirements of the spa model you have chosen.

The running costs of the spa is influenced by several varying factors and these differ for each hot tub owner e.g., the temperature the spa is set at, how long you are in it and use it for, the outside ambient temperature, how windy and exposed is the site, the time of the year, is the spa located indoors or outdoors etc. Depending on the size of the spa model and the number of pumps etc and your energy tariffs, you should expect your Aspen Spa or Sunbelt Spa to cost you between 60p to £1 on average per day to run. However, this will vary for each customer and their own personal influencing conditions on site.

The spa will normally gain about 2°C in heat per hour, however, depending on the weather conditions, when filled with fresh water you should be prepared for the spa to take up to 24 hours to heat to the set temperature.

This is your own personal choice and preference. The spa is designed to heat up to 40°C, if required, but you may find this is too hot. Most people opt to heat their spa to around 37°C. The time of year and outside temperature will influence your decision.

Once your spa has been delivered and installed, our experienced technicians will carry out a full handover. They will go through all the controls and operations with you and leave the tub set and fully operational. They will also sanitise the spa and chemically balance the water and at the same time explain what you will need to do to maintain the spa water, going forward.

Do not worry too much though, if you should forget anything. Our experienced staff are only a phone call away and we are always happy to answer any questions or help with any problems you may have.

The spa is fitted with a low-level drain fitting, located on the exterior of the spa cabinet. When it is time to change your spa water simply turn the power supply to the spa off and open the drain fitting. A garden hose can be fitted to the drainage fitting if required, to divert the spa water to a nearby drain or area of the garden.

The frequency of changing your spa water will vary depending on how you use it. However, as a guide, we would recommend that your spa water is changed every 3 months and in accordance with the recommendations of BISHTA.

The most important thing is not to use any household cleaning products to clean your spa shell and lid with, as these tend to be too harsh and abrasive and will damage the acrylic shell or the vinyl material of the lid. Instead, use a clean damp cloth or if required, only use approved spa cleaning products. Our showrooms are well stocked with everything you will need, and our experienced staff will help advise you on the appropriate product required.

Unless, otherwise requested, we tend to supply Bromine Chemical Starter Kits with our spas, as Bromine lasts longer in water maintained at higher temperatures. Unlike, Chlorine, which tends to fizzle out quicker when used in water maintained at higher temperatures. Bromine also does not have such a strong smell as Chlorine.

If you have any doubts, please feel free to ask a member of our staff, who will be happy to discuss the options through with you.

If at some point in the future, you should require help with your spa then you should contact our office, where you purchased the spa from. We employ qualified and experienced service technicians who are authorised to service and repair your spa.