Spring is here!

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January 30, 2018
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Spring is truly the best opportunity to make the most out of your hot tub. The air is cool and the skies are clear. Now you need to prepare your hot tub for the season. So how do you ensure the best experience for your centre of relaxation? Here are some tips to prepare your hot tub for Spring.

1. Prepare your area – ​Make sure there is a clear line directed to your hot tub, there is nothing worse than having to cross a minefield to and from the water. Keeping the pathway brushed and clear also prevents trailing in any unwanted dirt.

2. Flush, Drain and refill – ​Even if you’re a regular user and have kept your tub sparkling you will need to drain your water eventually. During Winter many people drain until the season comes to a close. It is very important to make sure the entire spa is clean before you refill. That includes the inside of the plumbing. At the bottom of each of the pipes, small amounts of residual water will remain and become stagnant.

3. Treat your water – ​Stagnant water won’t be able to be brought back. Instead, use proper maintenance to extend the life of your water and prevent bacteria. Begin by testing your water, then add any necessary treatments. NEVER add all the chemicals at the same time! Allow the proper amount of time between adding chemicals, based on the directions on the back of the bottle. Be sure to test and balance your spa water weekly.



4. Keep it clean – ​Make sure your cover and body are properly scrubbed and clean. Treating the water helps prevent bacteria, but you want to make sure the fight is in your favourite.

5. Get ready to relax – ​Grab some candles? Prepare a relaxing soundtrack? Or invite your friends over to enjoy your hot tub. Reap the benefits from all your hard work and enjoy the end of winter. Whatever your plans for spring Elite Spas and Leisure hope you are prepared to put Winter behind for a season of fun and relaxation. Why not contact us and see what we have to offer you this Spring?

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