Pool & Spa servicing & repairs

Our engineers are trained to the various industry standards and with over 30 years experience in all aspects of the pool and spa industry, we are able to undertake a wide variety of swimming pool/spa services and over the years we have developed an in-depth knowledge, helping to keep us ahead of all the competition.

We are able to undertake all areas of servicing and repair including:
▪ Gas and oil boilers
▪ Heat pumps
▪ Environmental control equipment
▪ Filtration systems and pumps
▪ Automatic pool covers
▪ Chemical dosing equipment
▪ Plant room pipe work repairs
▪ Underwater repairs
▪ Pool leaks
▪ Water quality issues
…..to name but a few…..

Our designated electrical subcontractors are all fully qualified and training is always a continual process for all employees and subcontractors.

Please feel free to Contact Us to discuss any repairs or problems further.


At Elite Leisure our aim is to always provide a continuity of service with the reassurance of having professional service engineers at hand to assist you with any unforeseen problems you may encounter throughout the year, helping to ensure you get the maximum use of your facility at all times.

We can provide professional service contracts for both private and commercial customers.

We provide a variety of annual service contracts for you to choose from and to suit every budget and need. Our maintenance contracts range from a simple Open and Close at the start and end of the swimming season to regular fortnightly or monthly servicing options. However, if you require a more personalised maintenance plan we are only to happy to create a bespoke maintenance plan to fit around your schedule and your pool’s and spa’s needs.

SPAS: We also provide a range of maintenance contracts including weekly, monthly , bespoke and even deep cleanse services. Please Contact Us to arrange a free survey and quotation for your pool’s and spa’s maintenance needs.

New Owners – Pool Care Introduction Have you just bought a property with a pool and/or spa and unsure on where to start? Need help in learning how to look after them?

Our professional and friendly service engineers can visit and teach you all that you need to do and know, allowing you to relax and enjoy your new home swimming pool/spa without any worries.


Maintaining the correct balance of chemicals in you Pool or Spa ensures continued bathing pleasure, prevents damage to equipment and surfaces and reduces the overall amount of chemicals required, which means you save money. At Elite Leisure our fully trained staff are always on hand to answer your queries and help with problems you may encounter. In addition we have a range of additional products and services to make enjoying your Pool or Spa even easier.


We stock a wide and extensive range of swimming pool and spa chemicals including sanitisers, balancers and enhancers to ensure your spas and pool water is maintained to the highest quality at all times. We can supply chemicals for all sizes of pool whether it be a small domestic pool or spa or a large commercial pool facility.