Why You Should Have A Man Cave In Cornwall!

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January 16, 2018

Have you always dreamed of having your very own man cave, sitting at the bottom of your garden? Well, it doesn’t have to be a dream anymore.

Today at Elite Spas and Leisure, we are discussing the purpose of a man cave and how you can transform your shed into a place of relaxation.

Wondering what exactly a man cave is? It is a space for a male to retreat after a long day, often known as their sanctuary or even a little slice of heaven! They can be made from a shed, spare bedroom, basement or even a loft space. 

Based in Cornwall, you would be surprised how often we chat to guys wanting a shed, offering a space outside as a place of escapism.

Usually, you would purchase a shed for storage, and here in Cornwall we need it! We’re talking bikes, gardening equipment, surfboards – but it’s time to squeeze them into the garage. Your shed doesn’t need to be a storage facility anymore… it’s man cave time. 

Elvis had a man cave known as the Jungle Room, so why can’t you?

We admit – it can be difficult when you have limited space to work with and a budget to consider. But we can make it work, it’s all about making it your own – it just probably won’t be as fabulous at Elvis’.

Why do you need a man cave?

There are a whole number of reasons you should have a man cave and here are just a few…

A space of your own

Your man cave is here for one reason, to give you space in a solitary condition where you can relax without disturbance. If you’re a family man or perhaps you’re still living at home, a shed can be a great spot to transform and make your own.

This is your space where you can decorate it to your taste, without anyone else telling you otherwise! There is no compromise with a man cave; it is simply a selfish retreat all to yourself.

A place to bring the lads around

Worried about being noisy and getting in the way when the lads come round? Your shed could be transformed into a games room, bar or even a movie den – a perfect spot where you can have as much fun as you like!

Pursue your hobbies

Love art, watching sports or gaming? Your man cave can be just the place you need to concentrate on your hobbies, without anyone disturbing you. Don’t forget to decorate your man cave to suit you, whether it is posters, a darts board or big flat screen television!

Work and play

In Cornwall, working at home is very common and that’s when a shed comes in handy. If you want to separate work and personal life, your man cave can create the balance you need.

Why not create an office space, where you can work hard in your own space without any distractions. Here you can have space for a computer, your files and more outside of your home. But don’t forget to keep your man cave safe, with good security and locks.

When it’s the evening, why not transform it into a space to wind down with a sofa, music and television? It can have a number of uses for both work and pleasure.

Alone time

Itching for some time alone? A garden shed in Cornwall is the perfect spot to hide out and simply chill out or enjoy the things you love most. 

You will be among the outdoors, giving you plenty of time to relax and unwind. But please note, it can be easy to let the hours fly by in your glorious man cave – so don’t forget to make time for family members and friends!

Why is Cornwall is the best place to have a man cave?

Living in Cornwall, we aspire to live a simple life and that’s when a garden shed comes into the mix.

Slow down with this garden spot, among the countryside where you can enjoy the quiet.

Perhaps you are a Cornish surfer and you’re after a safe place to showcase your surfboards while also keeping your wetsuits a place to hang in style.

It could be your beach hut/man cave – a great spot to hang out in after a surf! Hammock anyone?

Time to get planning

You need to plan for space, budget and usage before jumping in and purchasing a shed and transforming it into a man cave.

Take measurements of your garden to find out what size shed will suit your home. This is important to take along with you to shed providers, so they can discuss what will work best for you and make the process quicker. 

Many suppliers can create bespoke designs if you wish to have a specific shed with particular requirements. Elite Spas and Leisure do just this, contact us today to discuss your requirements and we can work out what will work best for you.

Heating your man cave

Living in Cornwall, you definitely can’t expect sunshine every day of the year. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. You want your man cave to be comfortable and warm all year round.

Of course, heating will depend on the size of your shed and your budget, so here are a few options to consider…

  • Electric convection heaters are very popular when it comes to garden offices that will be used all year round.
  • Electric radiators are a great choice, allowing your shed to warm up gradually.
  • Wood burners look amazing in a converted shed – please note you will need a HETA engineer to install one to ensure your safety.
  • Under floor heating.
  • Speak to a provider for more details on how to heat your shed effectively.


In high-quality timber buildings, you need to ensure that you have floor and roof insulation. You will also benefit from double glazing and draught proofing for both windows and doors to keep the comfort levels high.

Don’t forget those personal touches

Whether you add a ‘man cave’ sign, a hammock for those afternoon naps or a mini bar stocked with your favourite tipple – there are so many ways to make your man cave your own.

Take a look at some ideas below…

The Regency Shed/Garden Buildings

In need of a reliable, high quality shed in Cornwall? Elite Spas and Leisure offer a range of garden sheds and outbuildings.

Working alongside Regency Garden Building Ltd, the company have been manufacturing quality buildings and sheds for over 25 years. 

Using only the finest European softwood and Canadian Western Red Cedar, you will not find any chipboard or sterling board which is associated with inferior buildings in any of the sheds provided.

Log Cabin Sheds

At Elite Spas and Leisure, we also supply LCS – high-quality timber products. Perfect for fun, work and living… or just pure relaxation!

Our selection of log cabins are perfect for your man cave, offering a great space with high-quality timber. Whether you want extra living space or a home office – here at Elite Spas and Leisure, we can offer help and advice to ensure you make the right and best choice for you. 

We also bring all the trades under one roof and offer a complete service, from the first spade into the ground to the finishing coat of paint. We are able to provide all of your cabin needs!

As you are probably aware, we also provide a whole selection of hot tubs, saunas and swimming pools. Our log cabin sheds are great to keep yours safe in the garden.

Speedbase in Cornwall

Elite Spas and Leisure work together with Speedbase to provide a secure, fast and permanent base for your shed in Cornwall.

This is a patented, steel, ladder construction frame that can cater to bespoke sizes for both sheds and summerhouses.

Our team are happy to provide this service that can be fitted within one hour! It is a great addition, to preserve your shed base and also saves on work, effort, time and money. It is especially useful if your garden is on a slope or unleveled ground.

A man cave isn’t just for men!

Don’t let the name fool you – a woman needs space too! As we have previously discussed, a transformed garden shed can have so many uses. It can be a place to find peace by yourself, to enjoy your passions, to work or simply find a spot to escape to after a long day.

Perhaps you need a space that both of you can enjoy? Why not take a look at our sheds and find the perfect summerhouse you can both love together.

Perfect for the summer, where you can enjoy your own hobbies together or simply have a space to relax and unwind in great company.

Come visit us for your dream man cave

Based at Trelawney Garden Centre in Wadebridge, you can visit Elite Spas and Leisure to take a look at the amazing range of sheds on offer, right here in Cornwall.

Chat to our knowledgeable staff, who are always on hand to offer advice and guidance – and of course, answer any of your man cave questions!

What would you name your man cave? Remember, Jungle Room is taken!

Tell us about your dream man cave over on our Facebook page!


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