Eco-Friendly Gazebos

Eco Friendly Gazebos

Our recycled eco gazebos are a great alternative to wood and are made from 100% recycled consumer plastic. It has a wood grain texture and is made from a durable material (Envirotech HDPE) that will look great after years of exposure from the harsh British weather.

Industry Leading Warranty
It will never crack, split or show scratches and comes with a 50 year warranty

Why choose Eco Friendly Gazebos?

Some interesting attributes for Envirotech HDPE to make our gazebos are listed below:

It takes eight milk bottles jugs to make one pound of plastic lumber (Envirotech HDPE). Recycling plastic uses 88% less energy to make than from virgin materials. Recycling one plastic bottle saves enough energy to power a 60W light bulb for six hours.

It will never crack, split or show scratches and comes with a 50 year warranty. No need to oil or preserve like you would with normal wood to keep its colour.

The eco gazebo’s has a solid colour throughout and will never fade.

The Galvalume metal roof comes with a 40 year warranty and is built to withstand 100MPH wind gusts as well as 45-IB snow loads.

The eco gazebo’s is available in different configurations to suit every customer’s needs. You can have them with different side panel options, louvres, windows or doors. They are available in three colours, brown, grey and deep red.